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Valentina L.A. Silicone Pasties

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Want to go braless and feel confident? We have the answer for you with Valentina L.A. Pasties Silicone Nipple Covers. Our unique design is ergonomically designed to look smooth and unnoticeable under your clothing Want to know how celebrities wear dresses and awesome wardrobe choices without bra straps showing? Valentina L.A. is the answer to their secret. Our amazing reusable adhesive nipple covers are easy and simply to apply and give you flexibility to wear your choice of clothing. Stop being limited to what you wear based on needing to wear a bra. We are here to the rescue.

    • FREEDOM AT YOUR RESCUE: Be free to go braless and have confidence that you aren't giving an eyeful.
    • GREAT EVEN UNDER THE SHEEREST: If you love sheer, you wear sheer. Great natural thin smooth coverage that gives you options under your wardrobe of choice
    • CURVES TO YOUR BODY: Our special design meticulously created to form along nipple for natural looking coverage
    • SAFE SELF ADHESIVE: Our safety tested adhesive is 100% safe against your skin and nipple and can be reused over 60 times with proper use of instructions

    Due to personal nature, all sales are final unless defective.  If defective please contact us at for free replacement within 3 days of receiving order.