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Valentina L.A. Perky Padded Panty (S/M)

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Looks great in Jeans, Leggings, Dresses & More. Remove pads before washing.
HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW CELEBRITIES CREATE THAT BEAUTIFUL CURVE SHAPE? Your new Perky Padded Panties is the answer! Slip on for natural curves instantly
NATURAL SHAPE AND UNDETECTABLE- Seamless bottom boyshorts that lay smooth against your skin that makes it undetectable under clothing.
GREAT WITH LEGGINGS, JEANS, FORM FITTING DRESSES, SHORTS & MORE- Look amazing in all different articles of clothing.
AWESOME LIFT & SHAPE- Our unique design will give you a lift to your butt and incredible desirable shape.
ENVY OF ALL WOMEN- Achieve what every woman desires, a natural nice curve buttocks within seconds.

    How do celebrities achieve that ridiculous amazing nice curve to their body? We have the secret in Valentina L.A. Padded Perky Panty (Butt Lifter and Enhancer). Look great in all your wardrobe choices: -Leggings -Dresses -Shorts -Tights -Jeans Our removable padded panties come with good ventilation to avoid sweating that other padded panties lack. You can create that curvaceous look every woman desires. This will give you a nice lift and shape instantly!! Valentina L.A. Perky Padded Panties have a natural curved subtle smooth shape that will be undetectable for anyone to know you have on anything. Order now and look great in all your wardrobe!!


    Due to personal nature of product, all sales are final unless defective or damaged.  Please contact us within 3 days of receiving order if defective and we will replace for free.