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Valentina L.A. Foot Exfoliating Peel

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It's winter season and you may be hiding your feet because of thick callus or old dry skin.  Turn your dry feet into soft baby feet with Valentina L.A. Oh So Soft! Foot Exfoliant Peel.  You may have noticed using pumice stone, foot files and razors will create even more excess skin on your heels.


Well, we have you covered!  Introducing Valentina L.A. Oh So Soft! Foot Exfoliant Peel.  Simply use our special foot treatment while you relax and read a book or watch tv and an 1hour to 1.5 hours later you can remove the treated booties from your feet and watch all that dead hard skin go away naturally.  This will allow you to feel confident showing your feet this summer!


Valentina L.A Foot Exfoliating Peel not only exfoliates dry skin but also treats foot odor, dry, rough cracked skin, helps with blood circulation and foot odor.